Your Short Guide to Spray Painting

Spray Trafaret Template Painting Hands

Spraying with paint guns is something you should definitely try. Paint spraying saves time, doesn’t require much effort, and is a fun way to apply paint.

Today, we’ll learn about what they are and how they’ve taken painting into another level.

What is spray painting?


For starters, it’s the use of a device or a gun to spray paint, ink, varnish, etc. onto a surface. It’s popular among teenagers who vandalize parks, streets, homes, and even churches. Spray painting is also well-known to those who love home improvement and DIY projects.

What are spray guns?

They are the ones responsible for spraying the paint. They can be automated or handheld. They also have interchangeable heads for various spray patterns. Because of their versatility, they make any painting job easy.

Types of spray guns

There are two types of spray guns: air-based and airless. Air-based paint guns compress air and push the paint with more power compared to airless paint guns that use pressure to atomize the paint and push it so it can be released.

Categories of spray guns

Spray guns are also categorized according to pressure and volume. Low volume with high-pressure guns are ideal for applying paint on wide areas and long-distance objects. High volume with low-pressure guns, on the other hand, are best for painting indoor handicrafts, furniture, and stairs.

It’s about time

Spray Trafaret Template Painting Hands

Spray painting using guns makes painting quicker. What should have been done for an entire weekend could be completed in one whole day, thanks to the time-saving power of spray painting. Because the guns can apply paint quickly, you won’t have to wait long for the paint to dry completely. You can complete the job in one afternoon and achieve a smooth finish. You won’t have to worry about the uneven coating, lines, and marks too, because airless paint guns now exist—which release thick uniform coats. Spray painting also saves your time by enabling you to store paint, unlike paint rollers that drip when you store too much paint on them.

Spray painting is the best way to paint. Need I say more?

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