The Culture of Seeking Quality in Everything

What’s great about being human is that we have the curiosity and the ability to find quality in almost anything. We also have the urge to continue seeking it. Some relationships are founded by quality time. Most athletes or sports lovers like Adam Steen, one dedicated man I know, also spend quality time in their training. Consumers also examine the quality of an item they want to buy before purchasing it, whether it’s food or a handyman tool.

Quality at Home

Humans also aim to improve whatever they can, and it’s evident at dads who continuously work at their homes to enhance the functionality of the stuff they own. Fathers tend to apply the Kaizen approach. Kaizen is a Japanese term where the kai means change, and the zen means good. This approach seeks continuous and progressive improvement. It promotes the hope that every mistake can be an opportunity for development. Fathers frequently apply Kaizen when they make additional shelves in the kitchen, fix a broken pipe they themselves installed, or even at simply removing the weeds from their wives’ gardens with a weed cutter! They do these because they seek quality.

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On the other hand, mothers also seek quality by making sure the food they serve to the family is healthy. Every single chore must be done to keep the house and the entire family in good shape. Mothers seek quality when they check the assignments and projects of their kids before they are submitted to teachers. Mothers also make sure everything is spick and span before a visitor arrives. That is exactly what the culture of seeking quality looks like.

Quality at Work


Bosses also seek quality from their subordinates. Whether it’s a report or a project that needs to be done, employees need to submit high-quality work to their employers because that’s what’s expected from them. An excellent work stands out from the others, gives chances for other mistakes to be seen, and open doors to possibilities. Quality work paves the way for another quality work, and the cycle goes on. Sports trainers seek quality equipment, handymen seek quality tools, teachers seek quality projects; almost everything at work demands high-quality results.

Parting Words


Whatever we’re doing or going, it’s part of our culture to seek quality. Even when we simply travel we still look for the best tourist spots worthy of our time, right? We even seek quality from ourselves that is why we get upset when we fail! It’s part of who we are just as mistakes are. But just because mistakes are lessons to be learned doesn’t mean we all have to make one intentionally just to make room for quality improvement.

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