Indoor Rowing Machine, Intensifies the ROWER in Me

Have your experienced using the calorie torching machine?

rowing machines

Rowing machines are the ultimate fitness machines today. Our impressive rowing machine reviews will bring out the ROWER in you. Check it, choose one according to your preferences, hop in and row!

Did you know that rowing machines have evolved over the years? Their presence in gyms and fitness studios has attracted people of all ages and from all walks of life. With this fitness equipment, people develop their cardiovascular system and engage their muscular system. In other words, the rowing machine is a total package of wellness and fitness.

An indoor rowing machine will bring out the “rower” in you. If you are a serious rower and want to row in international rowing events like in the Olympics, then your rowing machine would be a great help. The rowing machine will give you a zero impact total body cardio exercise. This is ideal for other sports such as the marathon and long jumps. It’s a total body conditioning without straining your back, joints, hips, and knees.

To intensify the rower in you, it’s necessary that you select and use the rowing machine effectively to ensure an efficient and effective low-impact exercise.

Rowing offers a wide range of training from calorie-incinerating and maximized aerobic conditioning. Hence, you should prepare yourself to do the continuous rowing strokes. It should be in a smooth manner possible just like mimicking the smooth motion of rowing on the water.  As a responsible rower, you should develop proper rowing technique to prevent injury and to achieve desired results.

rowing machines

Choose the best rowing machine that will support your overall weight. Before rowing, be sure to check everything aside from your health status. The seat of the rower should be neither too soft nor hard. It should allow full extension and flexion of your knees.  The handle should enable you to make a full range of motion following a straight horizontal plane.

Keep track of your pace and choose a rowing machine that is equipped with a monitor that will indicate distance, pace, power, heart rate and calories burned.

Don’t deliberate anymore. A rowing machine will live up to your expectations. It will bring out the rower in you. Without a second thought, choose it for the best.

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